FMC Technology TurboBelt Hese Pulleys.

Technip FMC offers belt conveyor pulleys engineered for your specific requirements and applications, including drive pulleys, tail pulleys, bend pulleys and more. Our technical team designs and engineers pulleys based on the environmental conditions for each application area. They can be up to 3000 mm in diam-eter, 6000 mm in length, and built to handle loads greater than 4000 kN. Each pulley delivers excellent running characteristics under extreme conditions, such as heat, cold, and humidity. Our pulleys are also built to last, with a product lifetime of up to 10 years.

Pulleys play a key role in ensuring conveyor system efficiency. To avoid failures that can lead to prolonged downtimes and loss of production, we offer highly efficient engineered pulleys designed to your specifications for maximum reliability and performance. For high-stress applications, finite element method (FEM) calculations are performed in the design stage. In manufacturing, high-quality parts and materials — as well as a special T-bottom design that places welds away from high stress zones — ensure a long and reliable service life.

Technical Features
Pulley diameter Up to 3000 mm
Pulley length Up to 6000 mm
Load > 4000 kN
Lifetime Up to 10 years
Lagging All-rubber laggings or



Turbo Belt