FMC510UH500LR Unihead® system TechnipFMC is renowned for technology innovation and the new UH-5 wellhead system is a prime example of listening to our customers and using our in-house expertise to develop an industry leading wellhead solution.BenefitsDual metal-to-metal packoff with each seal independently testedExceptional bidirectional sealing performance up to 15,000 psi and 400°FPackoff design eliminates need for elastomer test sealsStandard wellhead configuration reduces complexityFull metal-to-metal stuck pipe/contingency solution availableInstalled through BOP and pressure set similar to UH-4 packoffSealed with recessed seal areas and corrosion resistant alloy materialField-proven technology and tool package minimises nonproductive and installation timeEnhanced well integrity through extensive product testing exceeds API PR2FUnique value propositionThe foundation of any wellhead system is the sealing technology and the UH-5 uses a unique and unrivaled dual metal-to-metal packoff. The FMC510UH500LR packoff has a reputation for consistency and reliability with multiple installations successfully completed. The UH-5 wellhead solution and dual metal-to-metal packoff provides a unique value proposition by eliminating elastomers.