FMC1005UH Offline Cementing

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Faster and more cost effective, our offline cementing services lets you spend your time drilling, not waiting on cement.

Offering offline cementing since 2015, TechnipFMC removes the cementing process from the critical path of the drilling rig, maximizing drill time on multi-well pads and keeping cement out of the Blowout Preventer (BOP). Our versatile offline cementing services reduce Non-Productive Time (NPT) and logistical delays with a safe solution that locks into the system horizontally and vertically with annular control. Designed for our systems and tooling, offline cementing reduces BOP testing, meaning more productive drill time between tests.

System Features

Compatible with all Unihead systems and casing programs; full opening safety valve enabled; full wellbore and annular containment. Configurable and adaptable to pad layout and cellar depths; ability to offline cement and run solid body hangers.